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About us

Welcome to Swedish Kung fu & Wushu Federation (former The Swedish Federation of Chinese Martial Arts). This is the site of the official Swedish Governing Body for Wushu.

About Swedish Kung fu & Wushu Federation (SKWF)

The Swedish Kung Fu & Wushu Federation was founded in 2009 as a part of the Swedish Confederation of Budo and Martial Arts.
The Board works to develop and promote the practice of wushu in Sweden, but also around the world, as a partner in the international wushu community. The Board is appointed at the annual congress held in the middle of March each year. At this meeting the members of the Federation can participate actively in discussions and decision-making.

The Swedish Kung fu & Wushu Federation is a member of EWuF (European Wushu Federation) and IWuF (Internationa Wushu Federation) – the two most important international organizations for wushu. These organizations are responsible for arranging the European and World Championships in wushu.

Members of the board and others


Svenska Kung fu & Wushuförbundet (former Svenska förbundet för Kinesisk Kampkonst)
Ölandsgatan 42
116 63 Stockholm

phone: +46 (0)8 714 88 70



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